Our Listing Policies

It is the goal of GardenCityKansas.com to provide a full and complete directory of businesses and services in Garden City in order to support the community, while maintaining a quality viewing experience.  In order to do so, we have set a policy for listing businesses.  The following is a brief rundown of said policy.

Basic Listing:

Business Name, Phone Number, and Address in the apropriate category(s).

Improved Listing: These improvements can be added for a one-time fee.

Logo (100x100px) - A picture or logo for your business, provided by the business. - $25

Hyperlink - a Link to your preferred site (can also link to facebook or other social media site) - $10

Blurb - a short description of the business (500 characters or less) - $15

Promoted Listings: We are currently working on promotional listing.  When it is ready, we will post the details here.

Old Listings: We will do our best to remove listings when we discover the business is no longer operational, however, we may not be informed.  If you have information that a listed business is no longer operational, pleas let us know so we can remove it.

Innapropriate comment: GardenCityKansas.com reserves the right to remove or refuse content we deem innapropriate.  This applies to blurbs, logos, and any other content on the site.  If you notice any content on the site that you consider innapropriate please let us know so we can take action.

Ads: GardenCityKansas.com will be setting up ads to cover website expenses.  If you are interested in purchasing ad space on the site, please contact Doug at The Paraclete Group.